Sunday, May 25

Lessons from a 5k

First post-baby 5k lessons:

  • When you're coordinating your race around baby feeding and nap schedules, a 30 minute delayed race start is completely unacceptable
  • I'm not as fast as I was
  • I'm not nearly as slow as I thought I'd be
  • Mid-race daydreams now revolve around watching 8-10 year old runners and wondering if my son will be a runner when he's that age
  • I've entered a phase of life where racing seems like a waste of precious running time
  • Hubby is still my favorite racing partner, but for entirely different reasons now (baby transport > mid-race paparazzi)
  • I believe more races should be stroller-friendly
  • Running 3 miles as a nursing mother is possible (if not always comfortable).
  • Women who run half marathons or longer before weaning deserve gold medals.
  • I will race less now, and won't really miss it as much as I thought I would
  • I will pretend that some mornings are race days anyway, just to make sure I get out the door

Tuesday, May 20

Multitasking to the extreme

This morning...

I ran a mile with my husband. To catch a Metro train.
We combined "couple time" with commuting with a workout.
(Multitasking takes on a whole new meaning with a 6 month old at home.)

Lifting a 20-pound baby overhead, repeatedly, is waaaaay better than any Jillian Michaels workout. My biceps have never been bigger, and JM doesn't giggle with glee after a few reps.