Wednesday, November 30

Thursday thanks

Yesterday I went out for a late lunchtime run. While my neighborhood has plenty of runners, bikers, and dog-walkers out in the morning and evening, my weird-ass work-in-a-different-time-zone schedule means that the roads are pretty lonely during my mid-afternoon "lunchtime" runs. So it was extra special that not only did I cross paths with another runner, he flashed a peace sign at me, and I gave a thumbs-up in return.

So this thanks is for the little things, like greetings and "good mornings" from strangers, that make each day a little sunnier...

...especially when those greetings are from fellow runners. Those make me feel a little bit like we're on the same team. No matter what our political or philosophical differences are, we speak a similar language. The exact form of greeting may be different from person to person, but the "hey, we've got something in common" part of the greeting is the same. I've seen the:
  • runner's nod
  • thumbs up
  • peace sign
  • quick wave
Plenty of runners just keep their head down and pass by without a glance. But we all have days when it's a struggle to just keep the feet moving, so I don't take those non-greetings personally. (Except in London a few years ago, where no one made eye contact at all. That was creepy... but that's another story for another time.)

So...What's your favorite runner's greeting?


  1. Looks like you run in a cool neighborhood... I run around the lake in Austin and NOBODY says hello to anybody (unless you know them).

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  3. I do the runner's nod mostly - but usually it's b/c I'm sucking wind and can't talk! :) I like the Peace sign though - might have to incorporate that!

    Also, not sure how to email you, but wanted you to know I tagged you for a bloggy award thingy...if it's not your thing, no worries...

  4. I usually do some sort of 'wave' or say 'hey there'. Something that acknowledges the other runner going by me. Even if they don't wave or say anything back at least I know I've tried to make the running world just a little bit friendlier.

  5. Only just got a chance to read this. The no-eye-contact thing in London (and in Dublin), even just walking around, made us a bit surprised when we got to Boston and everyone was so FRIENDLY (comparatively). Makes you really appreciate even a quick hello :)


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