Wednesday, November 2

You might be a runner if...

In case you didn't see my featured post on Fitblogger:

You might be a runner if...
  • You think of bad water as an epic race, not a beverage to avoid.
  • You think nothing of spending $30 on two pairs of socks, but wonder if you should register early to get the $5 discount off a race entry fee.
  • You covet new Mizuno, Newton, or Brooks more than Manolo, Louboutin, or Choo.
  • When you ponder the performance-enhancing effects of compression, you’re thinking socks, not car engine parts.
  • You can do the math in your head to convert kilometers to miles and race finish times to minutes-per-mile faster than your friends can calculate them with a new iPad app.
  • You know what the acronyms PR and BQ stand for, and aren’t afraid to use them.
  • You hate the acronyms DQ, DNF, and PF.
  • You have left Happy Hour early, because you have a long run in the morning.
  • You have enjoyed a beer at 8am, because that’s what you do at the beer garden after a race.
  • Post-run wheat beer, because wheat has carbs, right?
  • You have ever justified having a beer as “carb loading.”
  • You don’t understand why Americans are trying to reduce their salt intake.
  • You really don’t understand the Atkins Diet’s hatred of carbs.
  • You regularly wake up before dawn on the weekend, and not because it’s time to make the donuts.”
What would you add to this list?

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Run. Learn. Repeat.

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