Tuesday, December 13

The dark side of streaking

I'm HOME (and a bit tipsy, but more on that later...)

I flew into San Diego on Sunday night. I'm here for a week. I'd love to spend the next 20 minutes waxing poetic about how good it feels to be home, how wonderful my friend H was to host me for the first two nights, and how much fun I had at last night's group run with my long-time running buddies.

Right now I want to hurl.

Yesterday was about healthy living and an excellent run, in the rain, with good friends.

Today is about happy hour with friends/coworkers and trying to keep a running streak alive, even if the miles per minute are equivalent to the runner's (ahem, my) BAC.
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My short visit means a jam-packed schedule of work and social obligations to balance with running goals. Today, for example, included an early wake-up, a day full of meetings, a work-lunch, and a coworker's birthday happy hour. Clearly there would be no running before 8pm. I knew would need to hit the dreadmill as soon as I returned to my hotel. I did not think of the birthday angle, or anticipate that the birthday girl would request a round of tequila shots...

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Note to self...
Never try to run a mile after two shots of tequila and a plate of nachos referred to as "dinner." No matter how wedded you are to the idea of run-streaking, this is a BAD IDEA.

I thought, maybe, running with a hash group might have prepared me for this... But no. I feel awful.

On the plus side, the streak lives on!

On the minus side, half an hour after ending my mere mile...
I still want to hurl...

Have you ever run after a drink or two (or after eating a plate of nachos)?
Stomach of steel or delicate belly?


  1. oy! no! I have a "no shots" rule these days. It took me way to long to learn that lesson. Can't say I've run post-shots and it doesn't sound like it feels good but it's entertaining :)
    Take some aspirin & drink lots of water!

  2. I've had beers and then run before but nothing on the 'harder' side. My stomach can handle quite a bit but I don't usually like to push it if I know I still have to get my run in.

    Congrats on keeping the streak going! You certainly are motivated!

  3. *snigger* if you like I would be happy to detail the many reasons why a plate of decent nachos is a nutritious and healthy dinner. Sounds like a pretty good day, despite the intoxicated run (and good for you not breaking the streak!) :)


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