Saturday, March 24

Running Balboa Park

At least once a week my friends at the San Diego Running meetup get together and run through Balboa Park (one of my favorite places to run in the whole wide world). I used to lead a weekly group run through the park - taking advantage of many miles of trails in the summer months and lighted pedestrian paths in the winter.

Last week Hubby and I were lucky enough to catch up with our SDR friends for 5 miles of hilly, muddy trail running. Let's just say, it was good to be back...
Greetings from San Diego!
The trails were muddy from a recent rainstorm, but the weather cleared and was perfect by the time we started running. For the last half mile we were running into a perfect San Diego sunset...
The home stretch, down the Prado... Running into the sunset.
One trip to Balboa Park is rarely enough for me, so I went back later in the week. For my second spin around the park, I took a different route - more garden, less trail.
Alcazar garden
One of the coolest things about the park is that I always see or learn something new. I recently discovered that today's lily pond (in front of the botanical house) was used as a swimming pool for sailors during World Wars I and II.
Botanical building and reflecting pool.
Today that same space is a favorite photo spot for weddings and QuincaƱera celebrations. (My how times have changed.)

I'm just lucky enough to have been able to run through the park hundreds of times over the past few years, and lucky enough to be able to travel back often - to keep running in my favorite place even though I now  live far away.

What's your favorite place in the world to run?


  1. I love Balboa Park but don't know it well at all. Had no idea there were trails there! (went to wedding there + did the Father Joe's Thanksgiving 5k one year)

  2. Balboa Park has grown on me. I was at first a New England snob, being used to our beautiful, green parks back home. But I love the character of Balboa. The architecture. The Bridle Trail. It's still doesn't rank as high as a Sunset Cliffs on my list, but Balboa Park is now my home course and I enjoy it a few times a week.

    Good to see you guys last week. Until next time!

  3. oh i miss running in san diego. my favorite to running paths are both in San Diego county one was from my apartment in OB to the end of sunset cliffs/ PLNU -ish area and the other is Los Penasqutos Canyon up north. I miss both runs almost every day I put on my sneakers!

    1. That Sunset Cliffs run also holds a special place in my heart (Hubby and I used to run there every week when we still lived there). :)


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