Monday, November 16

Fresh air

Because I need to share this with someone who will understand...

On Saturday night my son had a bout of the cough-til-you-pukes. We got, literally, no sleep. And to add insult to injury, Hubs hopped in a cab at 4am for a weeklong work trip. 

When kiddo (who finally dozed off at 3am) woke at 7, I made him breakfast then took us both out for some fresh air.

5 miles.
Pushing 75 pounds of stroller.
A few trips down the slide at a far-from-home playground.
Finished with breakfast at Whole Foods.

I might pass out at 7pm tonight, and the laundry might never get done, but I'm feeling like a BAMR for getting out there today!

Monday, August 17

Checking in

So, as you might have guessed from the dearth of posts, I sort of fell off the yoga-every-day bandwagon back in June. (Nothing screws up a fitness plan like a sick kid because, well, priorities.)

And then I started debating purpose versus progress on my challenge-a-month plan.

In July I set no goals. I just ran.

And my weekly mileage started creeping up.
Weekend long runs started getting longer.
No goals, but I was getting more miles at a faster pace?

10 days ago I ran 7.5 miles at a 9 minute pace, and still felt fresh the next day.
Last week I ran my highest weekly mileage since before I got pregnant more than 2.5 years ago.

I'm also still trying to keep the spirit of the challenge alive, but more like my old training schedule (run 3 days/week, cross-train 2 days, yoga and strength training at least 1 day each week).

In August I've been doing a full-body strength circuit every Monday, and running at least 3 days a week. It might not seem very challenge-like, but it's working for me, so I'ma gonna stick with it.