Thursday, June 6

Training for two: week 18 details

Here are the workout details from week 18...
Baby is keeping me awake most nights already, but otherwise so far, so good!

Friday: 3 mile walk

Saturday: prenatal yoga

Sunday: 3.25 mile run

Monday: 3 mile walk

Tuesday: 3 mile walk

Wednesday: 4 mile walk, 1 minute plank, and 20 each: lunges, squats, and leg lifts

Thursday: 3 mile walk
(I may squeeze one more prenatal yoga video in before bedtime tonight...)

16 miles walked, 3.25 miles run, some strength training, and (at least) one prenatal yoga session.

This was the first week since moving when I got home from work and had enough energy left that I wanted to work out in the evening. Next week I might even try a post-work Jillian Michaels workout!

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy by Catherine Cram and James F. Clapp

Cram and Clapp* provide the facts about fitness during pregnancy and debunk many of the myths.

You've heard that you have to quit running and that cycling will cut off your baby's blood supply? Mmm... those old wives' tales are proof that the world is full of well-intentioned (but ultimately terrible) advice.

Cram and Clapp debunk the junk advice and provide you with an easy-to-read summary of the science.

If you want to keep working out after you get knocked up, READ THIS BOOK.

I have to thank Alma for recommending the book. It totally changed my perspective about the level of fitness I can (and should) maintain during pregnancy.

*Seriously, the authors could've chosen nom-de-plumes that didn't sound like the punch line to a dirty joke... But I digress. The book is good.

Public Service Message from Captain Obvious: These posts are not intended to be a set of week-by-week pregnancy workout guidelines. Every woman needs to do what's right for her and her baby, with a doctor's guidance, of course. I'd just like to keep y'all up to date on how things are going in my little world.

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