Sunday, February 1

Fit(ter) in 15: Week 5

January's challenge is complete!

The goal was to do 6 days of exercise each week, including the following:
  • Monday/Thursday: 100 push-ups
  • Tuesday/Friday: 100 squats
  • Wednesday/Saturday: 100 crunches

How did I do this week?
  • Monday: Oops... Getting back to the normal routine of daycare/work/cooking I sort of forgot the push-ups.
    • 2 mile run
  • Tuesday:
    • 100 push ups
    • 100 squat-to-leg-lift
  • Wednesday:
    • 4.25 mile run
  • Thursday:
    • 100 push-ups (including 10 walk-down push-ups... Getting ready for the February challenge!)
  • Friday:
    • 100 squat-to-leg-lift
  • Saturday:
    • 100 crunches (20 with a toddler bouncing on my belly. Ouch!)
  • Sunday:
    • 4 mile run while pushing 50 pounds of toddler-in-jogging-stroller
So, this week was a roaring success, but how did I do for the month?

During the stomach bug week from hell, I fell behind on my workouts. I wrapped up the week with 200 push ups and 200 squats, but I completely skipped any additional core work. (I didn't eat solid food for 3 days, so I'm not even going to pretend I feel guilty about taking a few days to rest and recover!)

Otherwise I hit every workout as planned, for a total of (drumroll please!):

  • 900 squats
  • 900 push-ups
  • 700 crunches
  • 31 miles run

Next month's focus: ARMS!

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