Monday, May 4

Fit(ter) in 15: May MILES

April's (failed) challenge was plank-a-day.
May's challenge is one I can get behind: MILES.

The goal: 100 miles total (walk or run), 40 miles run
Caveat: Walk and run miles only count if outdoors or on a treadmill (i.e. walking around inside an airport or pacing back and forth in my living room does not count)

Friday, May 1:
Conference walking does not count (thought it should... I, quite literally, wore the heels off of my shoes last week!)

Saturday, May 2:
Flew 2,000+ miles back home to Virginia, but I only walked 1 mile (loops around DFW, again, do not count).

Sunday, May 3:
4.5 mile run!

Running total: 4.5 miles (35.5 to go to reach goal)
Mileage total: 5.5 miles (94.5 to go to reach goal)

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