Friday, January 27

Offbeat Friday

Hello friends! Happy Friday!
The weekend is here and so are some offbeat odds and ends for your reading enjoyment...

Maybe someone should have told Paula Deen...?

In other "health news," Susan Lacke posted a clever list of reasons why running doesn't suck.

In other things that aren't going to get me onto the Olympic team... This week I discovered that in the world of business travel, my frequent flier status is (apparently) "only" gold (at least according to CNBC's non-scientific, Cosmo-magazine-like online survey). Yes, I realize that I was a sucker to take the survey in the first place...
Frequent flyer status: Gold
You are the meat and potatoes of the business travel world – a person who keeps the economy running, but doesn't completely sacrifice their personal life to the company. You know the tricks of the road better than most of your fellow travelers, but you also know the importance of a work/life balance.
Why does that description rankle me so much?
Normally I'm proud of having a work/life balance.
I guess I just don't want CNBC telling me so, especially not when the phrase "meat and potatoes" is involved. I don't ever want to be considered meat OR potatoes.
I'm more of a salmon and asparagus girl thankyouverymuch.

But it's Friday, so enough about work...

What weird or offbeat news did you hear this week?

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  1. No off-beat news. BUT, I just tagged you in my recent 11-thing post. Come see.


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