Thursday, January 12

Goals that made the short list

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This year my initial Goal List was two bullet points shy of turning into my household "To Do" list.

I stopped myself before I typed in "change car air filter" and "clean refrigerator." Shocked at how far off track I had gotten, I decided to take a step back and really zero in on what I want to accomplish.

Years ago, my Goal List started out specific and lofty: "finish grad school!" But somewhere along the line, it morphed into a task inventory of chores. Long and detailed, my Goal List lacked focus.
Your focus needs more focus!
From: The Karate Kid

My list needed a dose of Mr. Miyagi.
(If you don't understand the Karate Kid reference, you're missing out...)

So I pared down the Goal List. I focused.

I have goals.
Fewer goals.
Bigger goals.

Goal - Run faster:
In 2012 I will run a 5k in less than 24 minutes.
I've been staring at my PR of 24:04 for more than 3 years now. It's actually painful to admit that in print. This year that record will FALL.

Goal - Run longer:
In 2012 I will complete 5 half marathons.
In all my running life so far, I have never completed more than one half (or marathon) per calendar year. I enjoy the challenge, why not do more?

Goal - Learn New Things:
In 2012 I will read 15 non-fiction books.
Why 15? Just because it's more than I read last year (12).
PS - Recommendations welcomed on this one!

Goal - Travel/Explore:
In 2012 I will visit one new-to-me place every month.
In 2011 I spent quite a bit of time on airplanes flying back and forth between my Gulf Coast and West Coast homes. I was traveling, but not really Traveling. Then I went to Barcelona and remembered what it is like to really Travel. As in... for fun. To explore. To see places I haven't seen before.
Double brownie points if one of the half marathons is in a place I haven't been to before!

And lest you think I've forgotten important things like family, community, and professional development... Rest assured, I've got those covered, too.

Do you have goals or resolutions for 2012?
How long did it take you to put your goal list together?
Do you revisit your list during the year and make adjustments? Recommendations on non-fiction for me to read?

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  1. Nonfiction, yes! I'm curious to see what is on your list so far. I may have a couple recommendations, depending on your tolerance for dry but interesting (Galileo's Daughter by Dana Sorvel) or more spicy (Miles - an autobiography by Quincy Troupe). Or are you more into current events/politics?


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