Monday, January 2

Streak week 6

Goodbye week 6 of the Runner's World holiday running streak!
Week 1 was novel, week 2 made me feel hardcore, week 3 was tiring, week 4 was wet, week 5 was festive.
Week 6 was foreign. Hubby and I spent 5 days in Barcelona.

Here's my brief translation of the week in running:
  1. Sunday - a quick Christmas mile around the neighborhood squeezed in between packing, last minute tasks, and driving to Atlanta.
  2. Monday - the best hotel treadmill workout ever -- 400s and 800s at a 7:00 pace (in the biggest and most well-supplied hotel gym I've ever seen thanks to the Westin Atlanta Airport).
  3. Tuesday - My first run in Barcelona was 15 minutes of trotting up and down the blocks near our hotel... after flying for more than 9 hours, losing half a day in the time change, and getting no sleep on the flight thanks to screaming babies and cackling drunk people. This, by far, was the hardest run of the streak.
  4. Wednesday - 20 minutes along the Barcelona waterfront in my street clothes, because schedule-wise, that's what worked that day. (Yes. I wore black khakis and a floral shirt during this run.) I think this also counts as my first run ever in minimalist shoes. Only a few "real-looking" runners gave me the stink-eye for my odd attire.
Barcelona waterfront run.
  1. Thursday - A 10k with the Barcelona Casual Road Runner's meetup. (A full report on my run with "the locals" has its own post.)
  2. Friday - A horribly slow mile after a long and cold hike up and around Montjuic that started with hundreds of stairs, and continued all the way up and back down the "mountain." Plus, at the end of a long tourist-ing day I was exhausted and hungry. So we stopped for tapas and a cup of cava. Fortified with jamon and vino, I made my way through streets of Barcelona to keep the streak alive.
Steps leading up to the
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya on Montjuic
  1. Saturday - Hubby, our friend C, and I were spectators at Cursa dels Nassos, and did some running to and along the course to watch the runners.
Holiday running streak goal achieved!

And... the streak is over.

Yesterday, after 4,584 miles in an airplane (taking 10 hours and 45 minutes) and 320 miles in a car (taking 5 more hours), I seriously considered adding a 1 mile loop around my neighborhood before bed last night, but the original goal is accomplished.

And I really, really needed sleep.


  1. How cool to get to run in Barcelona! And in street clothes, no less. ; )

    Congrats on a great streak. Rest well earned!

  2. Exciting! Do please include more details about running in Spain.
    Nice job on the streak. pretty sure my longest is about 6 days.

  3. I am so impressed that you kept the streak alive while traveling so far! Great job! I can't wait to read about the 10K.

  4. Congrats on getting through it! Sounds like most of it was fun- well done you! (and looking forward to hearing about Spain- you're possibly the only person I know who could organize a running meetup 10k (no less!) in a foreign country on vacation. Very impressive.) :) x


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