Monday, April 18

Boston fever

Why does the Boston marathon distract me so thoroughly?

Today, Marathon Day, I find it hard to focus on work. I read an email, then check the leader board. I take a phone call, then check Facebook to see if there are any course updates from my fleet-footed running buddies who are racing today. (Yes... at least one of my Boston-running friends has been known to post status updates while on the move.)

And then I found the individual runner tracker, and am totally glued to my computer screen. I'll have to work late tonight to make up for my lack of productivity this morning, but some things just don't happen every day.

I'll use Boston as my mantra when I'm out on my training runs this week...

"If 20,000 other people can run up Heartbreak Hill, I can do one more hill repeat!"

"If 20,000 other people can BQ, I can add one more mile to my long run!"

I don't know what it is about THIS race that makes it so incredible. But it is. And I'm glad. (... now back to the race tracker!)

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