Wednesday, August 17

21 day yoga challenge

I've run myself into a bit of a rut.

For the past two months I've kept up a 6 day/week workout schedule. But I can't remember the last time I did a truly challenging sprint workout or lifted weights 'til I had that "good hurt" muscle soreness the next day... (I could blame the rut on working two jobs, but really that's a cop-out. I dug myself into this rut. I'll have to dig myself out.)
Time for a change!

To start, I picked a November half marathon and updated my training schedule accordingly. (Nothing gets me motivated for weekend long runs like an impending race deadline!)

But that's still pretty normal for me.

So I decided to do yoga. Every single day. For three weeks straight.

My criteria were simple -- the change needed to be something dramatic but low-cost (read: no $$$ investment in a brand new kayak or pricey gym membership). Bonus points if I could work the change into an already crammed schedule (read: at-home workouts get double-extra bonus points).

And just as I was looking for a way to shake up my routine, I heard about the 21-day yoga challenge.

Funny how things work out sometimes.

I had been going to a once-a-week yoga class until June. My shoulders were getting a level of muscle definition that usually only occurs south of my hips. Then my teacher moved away, and I fell completely off that wagon.

What better way to get out of a rut than to hop on the next wagon?

So I'm on Day 5 of yoga every day for three weeks straight. (Minimum requirement = 15 minutes a day, but most days should be 45 - 90 minutes.)

I am already sore in muscles I forgot I had, but it's a pleasant ache that reminds me I'm making my body stronger.

What's the craziest (or most effective) thing you've ever done to bust out of a rut or shake up your workout routine?

Have you ever done a "challenge," yoga or otherwise?

Photo (of rut) courtesy of The U.S. National Archives, plus some editing magic by yours truly. Photo (of shoulder stand) courtesy of yours truly.


  1. I would love to try Yoga! Things is, there aren't any good yoga studios around here, so I would have to figure it out with a guide book or something...and might risk straining something while I do so. ;)

  2. Good point! I started out using DVDs so I could see the things I was supposed to do. (I did the videos before I ever went to a class, because I was afraid I'd walk into class and look like a fool...)

    I found Karen Voight's videos to be very helpful. The music isn't fantastic, but her explanations and demonstrations really worked for me. YogaSculpt is still one of my favorites:

  3. First of all, you remind me of my partner (Angela), because she also gets herself into these ruts because she works 3 jobs (nuts!) but she always takes responsibility for the situation and turns it around, just like you. Most people make excuses and blame it on everyone else. I think that's very admirable. You have a great attitude.

    Second of all, I loved your comment on my blog about living sans TV. I'm glad I am not alone in these sentiments but I think it's good that you use those popular shows to keep the students' attention. I loved when my teachers would do that. Great tactic. :)

    Mid 70s is cool for you!? Wow. I often forget how HOT florida is! It's almost always mid 70s here.

  4. There's nothing like a race to kick things into gear with running. I love yoga, and should consider a 21 day yoga challenge again soon. Maybe starting at the beginning of September....


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