Sunday, August 14

Sunday superlative

This Sunday Superlative goes out to my friend C, of the PB&J cookie fame.

Last year, C ran 2010 miles for the year, just because she could. (That's more than 38 miles per week, in case you were counting.) This year she's going to top that by running 2011 miles, biking 2011 miles, and... drumroll please... just wrapped up a 50 miler for her birthday.

Yes, 50 laps of a one-mile loop.
As a birthday party.
Now that's something to be proud of!

C is the kind of friend who shows up to group runs with a tray of homemade cupcakes or cookies for every birthday she knows about. So it was only fitting that two dozen runners showed up last Sunday to show her some birthday love in return.
She earned it.

(And at least two friends, S and R, a ran the whole 50 miles with her! It takes a pretty special person to run 50 miles... and an even more awesome one to get other people to run it with you.)

Photos courtesy of R (who also ran 50 miles last Sunday) and the Galt Museum and Archives

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