Monday, August 15

Yoga for free (seriously)

Thanks to Girl in the Pink, I just tried a free yoga podcast from Dave Farmar.

I've been practicing yoga for years... with more or less regularity. I am a firm believer that yoga makes my running better. (My IT band issues went away when I added low lunge and pigeon pose to my routine!) But I tend to be a practice-at-home girl, because, really, how many of us can afford to go several times a week at $10-20 per class?

Do you practice yoga regularly?

For most of this year I was lucky enough to have a free class available to me once a week. (Score!) But the teacher moved out of town in June, so I have been in a bit of a yoga slump. I tried other teachers, but haven't yet found one that "fits."

That is... until GITP posted about the podcasts.

There are a couple of wonderful things about Dave's yoga "classes"
  1. They're 100 percent free.
  2. There are dozens of classes of 60, 75, or 90 minutes each that are labeled beginner, intermediate, and "all levels," so you have a wide range of options.
  3. You can download to iTunes OR stream live (follow the liberated syndication link).
  4. There are no gimmicks. No place to enter your email address and get bombarded with spam. I heard no ads. I am not getting paid to rave about the podcasts. As best I can tell, Dave is just one really generous yoga instructor.
  5. Did I mention FREE?
To try the yoga downloads yourself, visit:

If you try, stop back and let me know what you thought!


  1. Oh gosh it's been forever since I've done yoga to Dave! I should probably do something about that:)

  2. I've done a couple of his classes so far, and even got Hubby to do one with me last night. I'm definitely impressed with the quality of David's classes. The only weird-but-cool thing is when he refers to "snow outside" (in Denver on recording day)... when it's 90 degrees in Florida today! ;)


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