Tuesday, August 2

Slacker? Or smart?

So today, I am not going for a run. I walked 3 miles. I will stationary bike another dozen "miles." But I will not run.

Quote: Dangerous heat index. Outdoor exposure should be limited.

Tonight is the weekly pub run. On any other Tuesday, I'd put in my 3-5 miles. But a few weeks ago the pub run organizer mentioned that we should "take it easy out there." And he cautioned, especially, that people running with dogs should be very careful. To quote the organizer "Unfortunately a dog died on the run in this heat last summer. We don't want that to happen again." Yikes!

So, who am I to ignore such clear warnings?
(I don't know how those Badwater Ultra Marathon runners do it. 135 miles with temperatures of 110 and up? Really?)

Quote: You can have brain damage. You can have internal organ damage.

Right. I'll be staying indoors today.

Maybe that makes me a slacker. Maybe it makes me smart.

Frankly, it's too hot to care.

What's your strategy when the temperature soars?

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