Saturday, September 17

Carb loading

In the spirit of carb-consumption for tomorrow's long run: I baked bread.
(I promise not to pretend to be a food blogger often, but this baking event is runner-specific.)

The focaccia recipe I use (available here) calls for rosemary and olives. I skipped that part tonight because the leftover bread makes really excellent french toast. (Perfect post-run breakfast!) But olive and rosemary french toast sounds like a candidate for the Worst Thing I Ever Ate. So. No rosemary. No olives. Otherwise no deviations from the recipe.
Only 4 ingredients: flour, water, salt, yeast.
Kneading (and yes, that is an oven burn / battle scar on my wrist)...
Those little yeasties do amazing things!
Into the oven.
If this doesn't give me enough fuel for a long run, nothing will.
Have you ever tried baking bread?

What are your favorite foods to eat the night before a long run?


  1. I just did 2 loaves of zucch bread last weekend + some "real" bread too! I'm doing that thing where you make the big vat of dough & it lasts 2 weeks in the fridge & you just pull out a bit whenever you need/knead it & bake away. Handy. Tasty. Carbs I don't need/knead. Oh well.

  2. I haven't pre-made a batch of dough before. I might have to give that a try! At what point in the rising process do you put it in the fridge?

  3. If I bake I am likely to burn down my house.....yours looks amazing (and safely baked). Wish I could be your taste tester!!!

    Get Up & Go

  4. I like drizzling olive oil and sprinkling parmesan on top of my focaccia before I bake it. I promise, it tastes good the next day!

  5. Caitlyn - I top mine with olive oil and sea salt... I'll definitely try the parmesan cheese next time, too!

  6. The bread looks good. Thanks for the link and the comment on my blog!


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