Tuesday, September 27

Shopping spree

I went on a spending bender and spent $50 on...
... socks!
I know.
Sexy, right?
(It's a good thing Hubby is a runner, too...)

Five brand-new pairs of injinji toe socks arrived today. For me, this is like Christmas! (Except the postman dropped the socks at my door, instead of Santa dragging them down a chimney. And I had to pay for them. So, ok. Not like Christmas at all. But I'm still psyched.)

While I am at no risk of being labeled a fashion maven, I am a sartorial snob when it comes to my socks. I might consider running without a pair of toe-socks, but only if I were being chased by wolves.

This is particularly amusing given that I used to mock toe-sock wearers. I thought the concept was ridiculous. How could they possibly be comfortable? Then a kind, but convincing, running store salesperson was giving me pointers on how to avoid losing toenails. I had just lost one of mine in the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll marathon. He asked if I had tried toe socks. I laughed. He said "Try a pair. If you hate them, bring them back." That was five years ago, and not only did I not return that pair, I went back a couple of weeks later and bought two more. And later a couple more.

Unfortunately socks don't last forever. Last week I could poke my thumb through the hole in one of my last pair of injinjis. Hence: Shopping spree. And happy feet.

And speaking of happy... Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner is having a giveaway, featuring a "Run Like a Girl" necklace. Stop by her page for a chance to win.


  1. haha a good pair of socks is pretty important - I'd imagine even more so if running. :) Good stuff, missus! (and let's not get started about odd things to splurge on. There are reasons I can't spend much time in stationery stores, for instance...)

  2. I used to swear by Balega trail socks, but then I got this recurring blister that just wouldn't go away on my third toe - when I switched to Injinji, it was gone. I'm a convert.

  3. So funny! I was just combing my closet this AM for the brand new extra pair of Injinji socks I have somewhere. I want to give them away on my blog because I hate them and now I can't return them! I really wanted them to work for me because so many people like them. The top of my toes get irritated and I figured toe socks would help prevent that. They actually make it worse. I'll stick to my Balegas and Feetures for now.

  4. I am obsessed with CEP compression socks. Can't get enough of them! (though my bank account would disagree)

  5. @Chiarraigrrl - speaking of stationary... I received your postcard yesterday. Muchas gracias!

    @Keyalus - what works for one doesn't work for all... (which is good for me. given the laws of supply and demand, if EVERY runner was a toe-sock runner, my socks would cost even MORE!) ;)

    @T and Keyalus - what are these Balegas? (not that I need a new sock addiction...) I haven't heard of them before.

    @Kristin - I'm >thisclose< to trying compression sleeves... but, as noted above, I don't exactly need a new gear addiction.

  6. My toes are all weird and misshapen from breaking most of them when I was a kid, so toe socks just feel weird and a bit uncomfortable on me.


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