Sunday, June 7

June challenge: hold that pose (week 22)

The June challenge is to hold that pose.
The Yoga Challenge has returned, but this time I'm aiming for a full month, not just 3 weeks.

The goal: Yoga every day. At least 15 minutes each day.

So, how'd I do this week?

Monday: 15 minutes of yoga

Tuesday: 20 minutes of office yoga

Wednesday: 3.25 mile run...
Um... Yeah. Not yoga, but it was National Running Day. The weather was cool and cloudy. Plus someone needed to pick up the drycleaning... so I "ran" that errand.

Thursday: 20 minutes of office yoga

Friday: Went to bed early. We'll call that savasana

Saturday: 5 mile run...
...which included a biohazard obstacle course when my child hurled ALL OVER ME.
Like... soaked shirt, shorts, and shoes.
Yes, partway through the run I wound up with shoes full of puke, and had to run home like that. Fortunately hubs packed a change of shirt, which I quickly confiscated.
I'll never look at my chartreuse running shirt the same way again...

Sunday: 7 mile walk...
...because sick kid, who desperately needed a nap, refused to take a nap. So I played the last trick I knew: strapped him into the (now freshly cleaned) jogging stroller and walked until he conked out. It took about 6 minutes. Naptime was supposed to be yoga time. It was walk-til-kid-wakes time instead.

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