Saturday, June 20

Things I will miss when we leave Virginia

Virginia is a temporary home for us, and while I love to gripe about jerks in Metro, the high proportion of self-important assholes, and the godawful weather, there are a few things I will miss when we move: The tortilla chips from the Salsa Lady at the Old Town farmers market. Best chips I've had outside of Mexico. Peanut butter. Seriously. Georgia might have the lock on peaches, but Virginia has discovered the secret to amazing peanuts. The peanut butter here is like nothing I've ever had before. Mmm... Crosswalks. Unlike our last home, Pensacola, where cars hitting pedestrians seemed to be a spectator sport, most cars in NoVa actually yield to people on foot. Amazing. Alexandria/Arlington chapter of MRTT. Mother runners. Hundreds of them. Enough said.

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