Tuesday, May 15


Last week, listening to a radio interview, I heard a singer explain the premise behind a song he wrote about time. To paraphrase, the singer believes that the way we spend our time is the truest indicator of our priorities.

That though has been amusing and challenging me for a week.

What does my schedule say about my priorities?
Do I like what it reflects?

I don't have any answers just yet, but I like where this question is going...

What does your schedule say about your priorities?
Are there things you say you'd "like to do," but don't make time for? Are there things you spend time on that aren't the priorities you'd like to have?


  1. Uh, oh. It looks like I spend way too much time playing Wordament on my phone. Don't tell anyone...

  2. I would think this is true...and it's making me reassess my priorities at this very moment!

  3. Definitely true - and a great point! Of course, sometimes you don't have as much control over where your time goes, either... :)


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