Tuesday, May 8

Real-life (non-running) drama

Right now, in my backyard, a life and death struggle is going on (and it has nothing to do with running).

The night before we left for our trip, Hubby and I heard a commotion outside. There was screeching and squawking.

We looked out to see a baby blue jay on the ground beside our door. A feral cat was closing in for a kill. In an attempt to save their baby, Mama and Papa Jay were dive-bombing the feline. (Jays can be aggressive!)

I do not normally interfere with the forces of nature.
I believe in the circle of life.
But outdoor cats pose a serious threat to wild birds (killing as many as a million a day, nationwide), and cats are not a natural part of the ecosystem. So...

...I filled a bucket with water, and doused the cat to chase him away.

The next morning, there was no sign of the baby bird.
I figured the cat came back once he dried off.

I was mistaken.
When we returned from our trip, I found this little guy sitting under the window in our backyard.
Baby Blue Jay
Truth be told, he looks horrible. He definitely suffered cat scratches and lost some feathers.
Last night I was sure birdie was a goner.

But throughout the day today, Mama Jay and Papa Jay have taken turns flying down to feed him.

Maybe he'll make it after all?
If he doesn't make it, Mama Jay and Papa Jay certainly tried their hardest.
You can't ask for more than that.

PS - I am a cat lover. But that means I keep Peanut indoors. It's safer for her. Safer for the birds. Everyone is happy.

What's your take on wildlife: Leave well enough alone? Save the cute animals? Protect every creature?


  1. Oh my! I couldn't handle having this in my backyard. It might cause a serious emotional meltdown. I love cats too. and really don't like birds (for pets), but I would have sent my husband out to save the birdie too!

  2. Yikes! I'm glad you interfered in this instance - hope baby birdie makes it! He sounds like a survivor... :)


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