Thursday, May 31

Skipping the cross training challenge

Again, I have left the new-to-you cross training challenge to the very last day of the month.

Maybe I should call this the "feels-like-a-deadline workout challenge?"

Don't get me wrong, being nudged to try new things has been wonderful.

But I was home a whopping 12 days out of 31 this month. On those precious few at-home days, all I wanted was the comfort of routine. The last thing on my mind was looking up a Zumba class or downloading a new workout video.

So what new fitness routine did I attempt this month?

Well, let's just say I skipped it.

I warmed up with a 1.5 mile run, then did 3 repeats of "schoolyard skipping" plus strides and 2 repeats of "high skipping" with strides. I also tried out the foot shuffle, which is much harder than it looks!

The 5 repeats took less than 15 minutes, but this is a high intensity workout. I was drenched in sweat. (Disclaimer: The 80 degree morning may be partly to blame for my sweatiness.)

The verdict: I'll be adding these drills to my speedwork rotation.

Hubby won't be surprised at all when he reads this. I love to skip. I sometimes spontaneously start skipping when we're hiking. (He has pictures to prove it.) But I never thought of skipping as exercise, and certainly never considered it as cross-training.

I also really like the way this Running Times workout is structured, with skipping followed by strides, to build muscle memory into the drill.

My only quibble: I love running because I can do it anywhere, but these drills call for a sports field. First, flat, soft turf is important for safety while doing these drills. (You don't want to roll an ankle by landing on an uneven spot.) Second, even though I was on an athletic field, I was getting funny looks from dog-walkers for both high skipping and foot shuffle...

But I'll brave mockery to skip again!

We'll call this a May cross training success.

Here's quick recap of the other new-to-me cross training challenges I've tackled so far:
  • January = burpees - I am not a fan.
  • February = cardio kickboxing - liked Jillian Michael's videos enough that I've done several more since February.
  • March = stability ball strength training - just glad I didn't crack my skull open.
  • April = 100 ups - by far the best new-to-me workout to date. I've added "100 ups" to my strength-training routine every week since I tried them.
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What would you recommend for June cross training?


  1. Oh my goodness, I felt the pressure this month too. Honestly, who thought coming up with one new training each month could turn into a chore? I think I'm going to find a workout DVD at the library to try for June.

  2. That challenge sounds fun. I saw one person who did rope training, which I had never heard of. I have always wanted to try Jillian's videos; I have heard they are all pretty good!


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