Tuesday, May 29


I went for a hike with my parents, and at the trailhead, saw this sign:
No Dogs. No Bikes. No Jogging.
I've seen plenty of signs in my life:
No parking.
No loitering.
Please don't feed the bears.
But this is the first "no jogging" sign I've ever seen.

Fortunately I'm a runner, not a jogger.
I doubt the sign-painter knows the difference.

(And, on this particular day, I was planning to be a hiker anyway.)

What's the weirdest sign you've ever seen?


  1. That's a lot of "no"s! I thought public parks were for public use... :-/

  2. What?!?! Why would they say no jogging?

  3. To answer about the signs... the trail is in an Audobon nature preserve - and is frequented by bird watchers. The best "reason" I heard is that running scares away the birds.


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