Saturday, May 5

Postcards from Jazzfest

Greetings from the 2012 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival!

There are a few things Hubby and I learned at last year's Jazzfest, so this year we look like pros. Here are the highlights:
  • The crowds are insane, but despite the volume of people (and volume of alcohol consumed) everyone is unbelievably NICE. The best way to honor this pleasantry is to pay it forward. Hold doors for people. Share your crawfish. Share stories. You will be richly rewarded in experience.
  • Bring a flag. (Or sit next to people who have one.) It's the only to ensure that no one in your group gets lost among the crawfish crowds.
  • Flags at the Gentilly stage at Jazzfest 2012
  • Don't waste money on bottled water. Bring a bottle (empty or factory-sealed) and fill it at one of the many refill stations. (Maybe they put mood enhancers in the water? That would explain point #1, above...)
  • Wear comfortable shoes because you'll be walking for hours through dust or mud (depending on the weather). Almost everyone wears athletic shoes or sandals. If you wear heels, the only second glances you get from people will be looks of pity.
  • Wear a hat and pack sunscreen.
  • Big smiles + my Jazzfest hat.
  • Take advantage of the less hyped offerings, including cooking demos. The indoor events are fascinating and are a great way to get out of the sun for an hour or two. Plus, most cooking demos include samples for those who stay for the whole show. Last year I tried turtle soup. I think my parents (turtle-lovers) would be sad that I ate a terrapin, but it was tasty, and it's another unusual food I can check off my life list.
  • In the food areas, get in the longest line and order what everyone else is ordering. This goes against everything I hold dear in life. I loath lines! But at Jazzfest, the best food is well worth the wait. (My personal favorite: cochon de lait po-boy.)
  • Cochon de Lait po-boy, boudin, and Blue Moon.
  • In general, lines at Jazzfest take on a whole new meaning. Get in on at least one second line while you're there. And dance like no one is watching. Because the only way people will watch is if you're not dancing.
  • Accept that dancing is your workout for the weekend.
  • Dancing to the Dirty Dozen Brass Band
  • Putting down a tarp to "hold" 48 square feet of space for 3 people at a crowded stage is a total d-bag move. Don't be that person.
  • Making room for people, sharing your blanket, and offering to take photos for a group are kind things to do. Be that person.
And... for days you can't make it to the Festival, there's always streaming video!

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  1. That sounds fantastic. I'll have to tag along next year! :)


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