Saturday, August 27

Four times the fun

Speedwork x 4
Yesterday was interval work day, so I ran 4 x 800 @ 7:30. Slowly but surely I'm undoing the damage caused by a hot and humid summer.

Around the web in 4 posts
This week there were four posts on the interwebs that captured my attention so thoroughly, I'm passing them along to you.

I do this all for you, dear readers!

1. Funniest thing I read this week:
Claire, at Will Run For Beer, posted a laugh-out-loud funny commentary on what’s in her “go bag” in evacuating from Irene. One gem (among many):
Gu. If anyone survives this, it's gonna be us runners, since we're used to eating disgusting shit as fuel for survival.
My suggestion: Read it. Especially if you're on the east coast. If you don't snort with laughter at some point, you need to get out more. (Just not out into the hurricane. That would be dumb.)

2. Things that make you go "eww:"
The Boring Runner graced the world with a summary of extinct foods. Sounds harmless, right? Wait for the picture of purple ketchup. You'll never look at a french fry the same way again. (Note: This might be good if you're trying to drop weight to improve your race times.)

3. Helpful hints:
Ever need a comeback for the joker who tries to tell you that running is crazy? Silly Girl Running tackled this topic with some suggestions on how to stick it to 'em. My only quibble: she missed the obvious "you're just jealous because you're pudgy and lazy." (Though her response in 2 comes close.)

4. Completely not running-related (but I'll dream up some way to link these all together):
Coming full circle from #1, on GOOD there was an article "Quiet Storm: Why Some New Yorkers Don't Know a Hurricane is Coming." Mostly I'm sharing this because in this era of communication overload it's nearly incomprehensible to me (and any of us in the blog world) that anyone could not know that a hurricane was on its way. I mean, it's not 1938. Doesn't everyone read Will Run for Beer?

Photo courtesy of the San Diego Air and Space Museum.


  1. Amazingly, I volunteer AT A HOSPITAL in NYC, and I just got an email from my volunteer director a few minutes ago saying that he "only just" learned that there was to be a storm.

    I don't get it.

  2. I'm dumbfounded by that (as I'm sure you were). Hospitals have emergency plans and chain-of-communication setups in place for things like this. Yikes!

    Well, T, stay safe!


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