Thursday, September 26

Training for two: week 34

Here are the workout details from week 34...
Goodbye third trimester nausea...
Hello frequent restroom breaks!

Baby has "dropped" a bit, which has eased my nausea but also increased my sprints to the restroom. I guess this is where being a runner comes in handy?

Friday: 2 mile walk

Saturday: 4 mile walk

Sunday: 3 mile walk + yard work

Monday: 2 mile walk

Tuesday: Rest day!

Wednesday: 2 mile walk + prenatal yoga

Thursday: 2 mile walk

15 miles walked  + 0 miles run + 1 yoga session
...and no more weight loss due to nausea! Hooray!


I'm still reading The Longest Road: Overland in Search of America, from Key West to the Arctic Ocean by Phillip Caputo. It's compelling, but I spent my weekend hanging out with family, so I haven't finished this book as quickly as I thougth I would.

And after this, I might go back to baby book reading for awhile... After all, baby could show up next week or next month. At this point it's anyone's guess...

Public Service Message from Captain Obvious: These posts are not intended to be a set of week-by-week pregnancy workout guidelines. Every woman needs to do what's right for her and her baby, with a doctor's guidance, of course. I'd just like to keep y'all up to date on how things are going in my little world.

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