Thursday, December 25

You might be a mother runner if (2014 holiday edition)

You might be a runner if...
(holiday edition)
  • All you want for Christmas is... a jogging stroller that isn't so heavy.
  • All you want for Christmas is... for your baby to sleep in so you can go for a run.
  • All you want for Christmas is... a babysitter willing to cover the hours from 6-9am on a Sunday, so you can run your favorite race.
  • You still decorate your Christmas tree with race medals... but now it's because your toddler has broken all of your other ornaments.
  • You avoid gaining weight over the holidays by run-streaking running after your sugar-cookie-fueled toddler.
  • On Festivus you've got "feats of strength" covered, but your list of grievances is mostly about sleep deprivation and toddler tantrums.
  • You can eat your weight in Christmas cookies after a long run OR after a long night of teething-related sleep deprivation.
  • Your yes or no RSVP to a holiday party depends on whether or not you have a race the following morning it works with your kid's nap schedule.
  • At holiday parties, your idea of "small talk" still involves bodily functions - sweating, cramping, and GI issues... but now you're referring to labor and diaper changes, too. (And you wonder why people shy away...)
  • You sing Christmas carols to your kid while you push the jogging stroller through your weekend workout. It has to increase your VO2 max, right?
  • Santa tried to recruit you for this year's sleigh team because he saw you running at night... wearing a blinking red light... because the only time you can find to run is after your kid is asleep.

What would you add to this list?

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