Wednesday, December 7

You might be a runner (holiday edition)

You might be a runner if...
(holiday edition)
  • All you want for Christmas is... a Garmin Forerunner 405.
  • You avoid gaining weight over the holidays by signing up for a January half marathon.
  • The stocking you hang by the chimney is a compression sleeve.
  • You think people who make New Years resolutions are slowpokes. You've had next year's race calendar and training plan figured out since before Halloween.
  • Screw the "duplex, and checks," if you helped Madonna* sing "Santa Baby," you'd have asked for a complimentary entry to the next Boston Marathon.
  • You prefer cowbells to jingle bells.
  • You don't understand why kids look so disappointed when they open a gift from Santa and it's a package of socks. You LOVE getting new socks (especially Injinjis)!
  • When it snows in the middle of the day, some people worry about how they'll get home from work. You worry about how you'll get in the 5-mile run you planned.
  • Christmas cookies and Hanukkah latkes = CARB LOADING.
  • Speaking of treats... Some people pull chocolates out of an advent calendar every day in December. You think it's more exciting to run every day of the month to join the Runner's World holiday running streak.
  • While your friends are still in bed nursing New Years Day hangovers, you'll be lacing up for a Resolution Run.
  • Neighborhood children have confused you for Rudolph because you wear a blinking red light when you run in the evening. (It's dark out there!)

What would you add to this list?

*Note: To all the web-people who think Marilyn Monroe sang that song... The version you're thinking of was sung by Madonna! Eartha Kitt sang it first in 1953. Marilyn never did (at least not on record).

For more, "you might be a runner if..." see my earlier list.


  1. Marilyn Munroe? Really? That's funny. Great list!

  2. Miss Zippy - Yes, really. I did a google search for lyrics and half of the top resuls listed the wrong singer! It's amazing what mis-information floats around on the internet!

  3. I love this! I am streaking and dying for a 405!!

  4. Lovely list!! you might be a runner if: while watching the Thanksgiving parade, you see that Santa is last, but you realize he has a faster chip time than 5 of his reindeer.

  5. This was hilarious! I would just add a years worth of running shoes and a fancy treadmill in my living room.

    Also, Eartha Kitt originally recorded the song in 1953.

  6. @Alisa - Thanks for the info! I revised the text to say Madonna "sang" Santa Baby (not wrote).

    Either way, it still wasn't Marilyn! ;)

  7. I've never heard anyone think that Santa Baby is a Marilyn Monroe song. Maybe people who've heard both (yes, she recorded it twice) of Eartha Kitt's version get confused? I've always preferred Miss Piggy and RuPaul's versions to Madonna's. (Alas, they are two separate recordings!)

    I can't think of anything as awesome to add to your list, except maybe adjustments that this year we should want a Garmin Forerunner 605. And to maybe state publicly for the record that I have a cowbell hanging from my tree.

    Also, complete tangent on the latkes; my wife found a Jewish Deli a couple of blocks from our hotel in Vegas, so for brunch the morning after Rock 'n' Roll I reloaded with fried matzoh and bagels! Yum.

  8. "Santa Baby" was never Marilyn. It's Cynthia Basinet.

    ""Santa Baby" by Marilyn Monroe sound-alike Cynthia Basinet is the best version since the song was introduced by Eartha Kitt almost fifty years ago."

    Read More:

  9. ...if when packing to go home for Christmas, you have one entire bag dedicated to running stuff.


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