Wednesday, October 22

The best DIY Halloween Runner Costumes

It's dress up dash time of year!
Here are a few of my DIY Halloween costume favorites over the years...

As you can tell, I like a costume with a bit of irony, and I refuse to wear a costume that chafes on the run.

The "road runner"

  • Black or grey shirt
  • Black or grey shorts or tights
  • Yellow duct tape (Also white duct tape for sides, if you're feeling really creative.)
  • Optional extras:
    • Black and yellow mask
    • Toy cars

The "runaway bride"

  • White top and tutu or an actual wedding dress
  • Running shoes
  • Bridal veil or tulle
  • Optional extras:
    • Race bib
    • "Bouquet" made of energy gel packets

Jogging jack-o-lantern
(This is the ONLY time you may ever refer to me as a "jogger.")

  • Orange shirt
  • Black duct tape cut into jack-o-lantern shapes
  • Optional extras:
    • Leaf and stem on your head
    • Orange and black face paint

Cookie Monster

  • Blue clothes
  • Fuzzy knee socks on arms and legs
  • Bag of cookies
  • Optional extras:
    • Googly eyes t-shirt
    • Googly eyes face paint


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