Saturday, May 26


Greetings from Boston!
Logan airport
And welcome, friends, to another potluck!
(Hey, we're a day late... but I was busy stuffing my maw with dim sum in Boston's Chinatown... Priorities, people!)

With the start of summer holidays, Runner's World is organizing another run streak. The requirements: Running at least 1 mile per day, every day, from Memorial Day to the 4th of July. While I loved doing a 42-day streak over the winter holidays, I plan to sit this one out.

Also, I may have mentioned previously that I loathe sunscreen. Before you gasp and start reminding me of the dangers of skin cancer, I should be clear: I practice safe sun.
I just don't need zinc oxide to do it.
I prefer big, floppy hats, long sleeves, and being outdoors in the early morning or late evening. Fortunately, with their long list of non-sunblock tools, this week's NY Times proves that greasy goo isn't the only way to stay sunburn free.

This week's times also was heavy on the heart-related running news. After the death of Micah True, the Times published an extensive biography of the ultrarunner's life and death, and in another piece NYT explored the complicated science around heart health and distance running.

In happier news, I received a copy of the running humor book I Run, Therefore I Am--Nuts! from Bob Schwartz. I am a couple of chapters into the book, and so far the verdict is good. Even the introduction made me chuckle. I'll post a full review soon...

Quote of the week:
"I was born within hours of Kathrine Switzer's pioneering Boston Marathon in 1967—and as I celebrated my 45th birthday, I did so with gratitude for all the women that ran, fought, and created active opportunity for generations to come. It's hard for me to imagine a life without sports and marathoning, as every finish line has inspired self confidence, empowerment, and personal growth."
Jenny Hadfield
Are any of you planning to do the RW holiday streak?
If so, let me know and next week I'll post a list of participants.

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  1. I saw that summer running streak at Runners World too. I'm considering it because I find I usually hit a slump in the summer when it's hot and humid here in Florida, and this may help me persevere through it!


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