Thursday, May 31

Thursday thanks

Having just returned from a relaxing, (almost) internet-free week with family and friends, I have a long list of things to be thankful for:
  • My fantastic family
  • The fact that there is no "in-law drama" between Hubby and my folks - in fact, they all seem to like each other
  • Running the historic bike path along the Blackstone River
  • Blackstone River Bike Path
  • Catching up with not 1, not 2, but FOUR good friends from grade-school and college days and knowing that they're all doing well
  • Spending time doing "old fashioned" things like reading, sipping wine outdoors on a pretty summer evening, and having raucous debates about politics (welcome to New England or welcome to my family?)
  • Long walks at Narragansett beach
  • Narragansett Beach, RI
  • Running near my childhood home and realizing how much stronger I am now than I was when I moved away more than a decade ago
  • Being old enough to appreciate the historical details I took for granted as a kid, and having sense of humor enough to pose for photos
  • Tour guides at Boston Common
Do you still live near your childhood hometown? If not, do you ever go back?


  1. AAAGGHHH!! You went to Narragansett?! SO jealous! (I know. I only live, what? two hours away max? Hmm...). Wonderful post- love the photo from Boston Common (and your friends are doubtless equally delighted to see you happy and well. *ahem* :)) Life is good, eh? :)

  2. Very nice "thankful" post! Always good to have quality time with family and old friends. Cheers!

  3. I have not been back since a few days after I was born. Apparently, I suck.


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