Thursday, May 24

Thursday thanks x 2

Last week, despite waxing poetic about how happy I was after a long run + cupcakes, I didn't "officially" post a Thursday thanks. So this week I'm going to double down for: 2 x thanks.

#1 - Fresh produce and farmers markets:
Root vegetables at the downtown San Diego farmers market.
Locally-grown avocados and citrus at the downtown San Diego farmers market.
Last week, on my lunch break, I picked up a couple of pounds of cherries and a pint of blueberries for an "afternoon snack."

#2 - Recipe blogs!
Now that school is over for the summer, I have (a little) more free time to play in the kitchen. Recipe blogs give me inspiration without wasting the paper or money that used to feed my cooking magazine addiction.

Cooking blogs I love (in no particular order):

What are you thankful for right now?
Are there any other cooking (not baking!) blogs I should be following?


  1. I love our local farmers markets, and there's a great farm -- like an actual farm! -- on my way to and from work. They open June 8, and I can't wait. We always eat much more fresh fruit and veggies this time of year, and they're corn is the best, period, no arguing. Cheers!

  2. Ditto on the farmer's market. As for blogs, check out:

  3. My blog friend Rose-Anne has a fabulous vegetarian food blog called Life, Love, and Food. She is a great writer, and her recipes are interesting, so you should check it out.

    Re: harem pants. They are like yoga pants and sweat pants here. Nobody wears those, but everyone wears harem pants when they are slummin' it.


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