Monday, May 7


I suppose I could have been a "good" runner and gone easy on the beer and fried food at Jazzfest.

I could have been a "good" runner and set an early alarm clock for a long run one morning.

I could have been a "good" runner and taken tips from Runner's World on proper hydration. Spending hours on your feet in the hot sun and humidity should not be taken lightly, after all. Just ask the Boston Athletic AssociationMaybe Jazzfest will be the next event to offer deferrals for hot weather?

(What? Too soon?)

All kidding aside, I could have been a "good" runner, but chose debauchery instead.

And it was good.

I slept in late. Ate huge breakfasts. Danced with strangers until I was drenched in sweat. "Rehydrated" with frozen cocktails. Lunched on spicy, greasy, delicious festival food and washed that down with plenty of cold beer.
Just a small sampling of the festival food offerings...
I ate convenience-store fried chicken for dinner while standing on a street corner. Stayed out late in a smoky cigar bar. Skipped workouts in favor of "saving my energy" for walking from stage to stage.
Brother's fried chicken - one of my all-time favorites.
I am unapologetic about all of it.

Tomorrow I'll be back to whole grains, fresh vegetables, and running.

In the meantime, I'm going to savor the last few hours of vacation. While it might not have been great for my waistline (or my liver), the past five days were good for my soul.

Do you keep up your fitness routine at all times, or do you take an occasional vacation from your healthy habits?


  1. haha everyone needs a break once in a while- and you definitely deserved it! :) Glad it sounds like you had a fantastic time :)

  2. I definitely take a vacation from my good habits now and then. I have a 100K ride coming up with my Dad and brother next weekend and I fully intend on 'rehydrating' with Margaritas!!


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