Wednesday, December 26

How I spent my Christmas...

When I re-named this blog run + travel I had no idea the travel part would take over my life.
I spent Christmas in an airport...
Stretching out on the floor at Gate 33 of SAN
Yes, folks, I took a redeye out of San Diego on Christmas Eve.
Flew all night.
Didn't spot Santa or reindeer, though I did look! (I figured the jolly big guy and I would both be over Texas at around midnight, but I must've got my timing wrong...)
Landed in CLT.
Slept on the floor in the airport from 6am - 8am.
Toasted the day with a glass of champagne at 8:30am. (It was a holiday. Don't judge.)
Flew to Pensacola.
Drove home.
Showered off 14 hours of travel grime. (I don't even want to think about that airport floor...)
Changed into pajamas. (Again... don't judge.)
Read and napped on the couch* all day.

On my life list of ridiculous travel decisions... this one ranks waaaaay up at the top.

The Christmas Redeye wasn't as bad as taking a train out of Buffalo at 4am headed to Ann Arbor, Michigan (or taking a train back from Ann Arbor Michigan to Providence a few days later)... but it's close. Veeeery close.

*Note: I got off the couch long enough for a 15-minute run-streak run through the neighborhood to ooh and aah over Christmas lights. But that night of travel nearly broke my streak. After 14 hours in transit, the allure of the couch was nearly irresistible...

What's the most ridiculous travel arrangement you've made or trip you've taken?

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