Monday, December 31

Line 'em up (12th cross training challenge)

Readers, I present you the twelfth and final entry into Kim's 2012 New 2 U Cross Training Challenge. This project has gotten me skipping, kickboxing, and playing tennis. (See my 2012 goal roundup for all of the year's cross training challenges.)

Earlier this month I went ice skating, but that's an activity I love (even if I am wobbly on the ice). So skating hardly counts as stretching outside my comfort zone.
I really was skating.
I just stopped long enough for a photo op.
Complicating the challenge this month, I spent twelve and a half days away from home. To complete the challenge, I had to get creative. (There are only so many activities a person can do in a hotel gym or a hotel room.)

Since I'm ending the year in Texas, I figured a little country line dancing was in order...

I love to dance. Hubby and I will sometimes spontaneously tango down the sidewalk.

However, I do not love dances that require a complicated sequence of steps. If I have to follow more than a few choreographed moves, I lose the joy of just dancing, start trying to figure out whether I should be on my right foot or my left, and wind up tripping over my shoelaces (or worse, tripping over my neighbor's shoes).

Line dancing is definitely out of my comfort zone...

But I gave it a whirl, using "Learn How to Line Dance - Tush Push."

Biggest lie in the video:
"Be patient with yourself. These turns are a little challenging at first, but you'll get it."
Three times through the video, I got the first 10 or 12 steps down, but the turns? Not happening.

I run because it's simple. Left foot. Right foot. Repeat.

Line dancing is... step tap step tap tap hop step tap step tap tap quarter turn bump bump sway sway sway quarter turn front hop hop hop hop hop hop three quarter turn left right left right rock turn tap tap tap hop half turn step tap step tap tap hop step tap step tap tap turn bump bump single hip rock rock rock quarter turn back to the front left right left right rock right left right left rock turn (or was that a three quarter turn?)

Oh bloody hell.

I give up.

I might keep trying, but either way, I lived up to the spirit of the challenge and tried something new.

Are you a dancer or do you have two left feet?

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