Thursday, December 13

Thursday thanks (end of semester edition)

This week I'm thankful for the end of the semester. While the ending of each academic term is bittersweet, the wrap-up week of classes always feels like a huge accomplishment. I practically float through the week after the last exam is graded.
Old Schoolhouse, Fort Walton Beach, FL

In many ways, each semester is like training for a long race:

  • 16 weeks of preparation.
  • A detailed plan that serves as a guide for each week's work.
  • Goals! Both teaching and race-training have a clear goal at the end of the cycle.
  • A mix of really great days and not-so-great days.
  • Doubt. (Can I really get all this work done in 16 weeks? Am I doing this right?)
  • Successes.
  • Setbacks.
  • The flurry of activity right before the finale.
  • Carbs! (On the final day of class I usually host an in-class meal of some sort.)
  • A feeling of accomplishment (and exhaustion) when it's over.
  • A good, long rest when it's all done.
  • A week or two later, I'm planning the next one...
Yep. Teaching is just like marathon training.
And during the winter break, I fully intend to enjoy a well-deserved rest...

Are there parallels between your work life and fitness life?
What are you thankful for this week?

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