Monday, December 24

Keeping the streak alive

My holiday season has been hectic, but not for the normal holiday reasons (Read: Major career change! More on that later...)

Fortunately the holiday run-streak has been a stable foundation in an otherwise frenetic month. For the past week, my streak runs have been 10-15 minutes crammed in between work meetings, flights, holiday shopping, family dinners, and social calls.
But on day 59 of the streak, I can say that for all of the rush-to-run-a-mile-the-treadmill-before-work and running-circles-around-the-block for 10 minutes at my mother in law's house (in the dark, dressed in denim, while she was putting the finishing touches on dinner...) the streak has been my sanity. Even if maintaining it has sometimes seemed a little insane.

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