Wednesday, March 13

Daily dose of awesome x 3

Little awesome moments happen every day. They just don't always become headline news...
Daily Dose of Awesome highlights the awesome little things that don't make headlines (but should).

Daily dose of awesome #1

Last weekend I went for a run near a popular city park, Bayview Park. The sun was shining. The tennis courts were buzzing with activity. As I rounded a bend to walk down the hill to the bayou, I stopped because a mob of kids -- easily three dozen teenagers -- had taken over the sidewalk.

My first thought, sadly, was "What kind of trouble are these kids up to?!?"

But, on closer inspection, I realized that they were all hanging out and having a grand ol' time racing their scooters and skateboards down the hill. They were laughing, and playing, and enjoying a gorgeous day.

No property damage. No bullying. Just a (huge) bunch of kids having a good day.

Daily dose of awesome #2

My blog-buddy Kim was the recipient of a random act of Paying it Forward!
(Free lunches do exist, and they restore a little bit o' faith in humanity!)

Daily dose of awesome #3

A friend found out that I landed a new job in DC.

One morning this week, when I went into my office for office hours, I found a congratulations card tucked under my keyboard...

That one sweet gesture brightened my whole week!

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