Saturday, October 29

Another runner costume

Hubby and I needed new runner-friendly costumes for the Halloween Hash run.
I used my road runner idea earlier this week.
Meet our pumpkins!
Costume instructions:
  • You'll need a bright orange shirt* and some black duct tape.
  • Cut duct tape into the shape of jack-o-lantern eyes and mouth and stick the tape to the shirt. (Note: cutting duct tape is a little tricky, but with some patience I put both shirts together in about half an hour.)
  • Wear this shirt with black or grey shorts, running shoes.
  • For bonus points add black-and-orange socks, jack-o-lantern earrings, or pumpkin "leaf" headwear (which you cannot see well in the photo, but trust me, we were rocking the leaves).
To be honest: I never thought I'd turn into one of those people who dresses like my significant other. But the overall effect of the costume was more striking with two of us. What? We blinded the other runners with the brightness of our orange shirts? Nonsense!

Do you and your S.O. ever dress alike?

*We found two wicking-material long-sleeve shirts -- cheaper than a "costume" and re-useable for winter running and hiking!


  1. You look great! And how fun. I've always wanted to do a hash race--unique experience, I'm sure!

  2. @Misszippy - Hash groups range from mild to lewd. We found a relatively mild one and LOVE IT. There's something about running to find a trail that keeps your mind off of how fast/far you've gone. (Plus, the post-run festivities are usually a good time, too!)

  3. How cute are you guys?! Love the costumes- what a great idea :)


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