Wednesday, October 26

Dress up dash

Last night was the local running club's annual Halloween run.
Have you ever needed an idea for the easiest runner-friendly costume EVER?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present...
the Road Runner costume
Don't mind me, I'm just trying to blend in with the road.
Costume instructions:
  • You'll need black or dark grey clothing, including a t-shirt that you're willing to "ruin," and some yellow paint.
  • Paint two parallel yellow stripes down the middle of the t-shirt. (Paint one solid stripe and one dashed, if you want to get really fancy.)
  • Wear this shirt with black or grey shorts, running shoes, and for bonus points add a black-and-yellow mask and carry a toy car.
I think it's a pretty clever costume. Unfortunately it was not clever enough to win the costume contest. (I'll admit that I recycled this costume from a couple of years ago... but no one in FL knows that!)

The contest winner was a man in a very tight guy-slutty-police-officer costume. All I can say is: his shorts were definitely tighter than mine...

What's the best/funniest/most clever costume you've seen on the run?


  1. You look stinkin cute! I will be stealing this costume idea, I think it's ingenious

  2. That road runner costume is such a neat idea! LOVE it!

  3. Very clever (especially for a run)! Great stuff :)

  4. I have never worn a costume while I ran, I am not clever at all!

  5. I'm all for costumes if they are comfortable for running and yours totally is! very cute!


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