Thursday, April 25

Rants & Raves


A friend of mine recently asked on Facebook, in a none-too-pleased way, "Why do people at the gym insist on standing right in front of the weight rack when they're lifting?"

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This morning, I ran into one of these inconsiderate creatures.

The lifter combined the worst of free weights etiquette: grunting his rep counts out loud AND blocking the weight rack while he did it.

There's a giant weight lifting area. Why would anyone choose the exact space in front of the weight rack? Is it so hard to take a couple of steps back? Do these people realize they're blocking others from getting a different size weight, or is it just benign negligence?

Also, while I don't love loud lifters, I can understand an occasional grunt on the last rep of a hard set... but grunting with every rep?
Ungh...four-uh! Ungh...five-uh! Ungh... six-uh!
Um. Dude. You sound like a rutting donkey, and by counting out loud, you're messing up my rep counts.

To his credit, at least he re-racked his weights when he finished...


I cannot get the new Calvin Harris & Florence Welch song "Sweet Nothing" out of my head.

Like a sixteen year old girl, I've had it playing on continuous repeat for more than a week...

What are you ranting and raving about this week?

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