Friday, April 26

Weekly roundup: Friday potluck

Welcome to another installment of the weekly roundup we all know and love: Friday potluck!

Stupid People Tricks

Give someone enough time, and they'll devise a clever way to part a sucker from his (or her) money... Something like... oh I don't know.... a $40,000 cocktail?
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(How drunk does someone need to be before they think it's ok to order a drink that costs more than most cars? And what must that hangover feel like the next day? I suspect it's got a hefty does of regret mixed in with cotton mouth...)

Same data, opposite conslusions

Paul T. Williams "achieved a feat that's exceedingly rare in mainstream science: He used exactly the same dataset to publish two opposing findings." Williams used data on exercise habits to show both that walking is better than running AND that running is better than walking. Read Daniel Engber's article in Slate to find out why "flip-flopping advice on exercise may not be as contradictory as it seems."

You can have your ice cream...

... and eat it, too!
With a bicycle-powered ice cream churner, you can burn calories before you consume those (delicious) calories!

Best thing I read this week

I loved MCM Mama's "Running does that for me."

In my kitchen

Seeing as I'm whittling down the pantry staples to empty cupboards (Oh! The joys of moving!) my kitchen experiments are not document-worthy this week... But I will soon be visiting New Orleans for one last round of crawfish, po-boys, and beignets before I pack up and move north.
Oysters at Acme Oyster House
AND since ONE OF MY PHOTOS is going to appear in Paula Garriott's new book Signature Tastes of New Orleans: Favorite Recipes of our Local Restaurants, I'll leave you with this image for the week... Because this book will, indeed, be in my kitchen soon

Quote of the week:
"Laissez les bon temps rouler!"

Happy Friday, friends!

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