Monday, April 22

So that *other* reason I cleared my 2013 racing calendar

So... if you remember... back in March, I had been training hard to break a 24 minute 5k. My 400 meter repeats were in the 6:50 pace range, and my 800s were 7:30s. Racing should have been a piece of cake.

And then I fell off the wagon, both on my track workouts and on blogging about running.

I blamed it on home-buying and a nearly cross-country move.

Which is part of the story.

This is the other reason...

Back in Feburary, I thought my sudden crash-and-burn/lead-legs workout at the track was a symptom of overtraining. About a week later, I discovered that I was exhausted because I was running for two.

(Whew! Who knew I'd want to nap EVERY DAY for 12 weeks???)

I've been quiet on social media because it's impossible to talk about training and act like everything is normal when things are quite different! If I just pretended that I was too busy doing other things, I'd look like a slacker. If I started talking about loose ligaments and low impact exercises, clever readers would put the pieces together before I was ready to announce.

So I'm back. And blogging for two.

And while I'll keep running and lifting as long as it's comfortable (and as long as my doctor continues to give me the go-ahead), my only training goal this year is to see this little person safely into the world in November.

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