Thursday, July 18

Training for two: week 24

All boxes are unpacked, and life is starting to get back to normal here at Casa Run + Travel. Which also means workouts and blogging are (slowly) getting back to normal.

Here are the workout details from week 24...

Friday: 2 mile walk + unpacking

Saturday: unpacking...

Sunday: unpacking...
...and we're DONE!
I skipped my favorite prenatal yoga class this week, but it was worth it to have the extra time to unpack, sort, organize, and de-clutter the house. My house looks like a home now!

Monday: 4 mile walk

Tuesday: 2 mile walk

Wednesday: 3 mile walk + prenatal strength routine from fitsugar + prenatal yoga

Thursday: 3 mile walk + 10 minutes of office prenatal yoga on my lunch break

14 miles walked, 0 miles run, plus strength training and (not enough) yoga


Amidst the volumes and volumes of "how to raise the world's best, most well-adjusted child" encyclopedias that claim to teach you "everything you need to know to be a parent," there are a few books that provide a decent dose of reality.

I have my friend RR to thank for recommending How to Have Your Second Child First. The book provides some practical baby advice, and also a heaping helping of "don't worry so much."

I might read it twice...

Public Service Message from Captain Obvious: These posts are not intended to be a set of week-by-week pregnancy workout guidelines. Every woman needs to do what's right for her and her baby, with a doctor's guidance, of course. I'd just like to keep y'all up to date on how things are going in my little world.

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