Wednesday, July 31

Victory laps (pregnant lady returns to the track)

Alt. title: The track is a pregnant girl's best friend

Last week I was worried about whether or not it was time to quit running for the rest of this pregnancy.

This week I re-discovered the track.

Let's be clear right from the start: I am not talking about sprint-til-you-hurl workouts.

But for fitness, and making me still "feel like a runner" (even though I now mostly waddle), the track can't be beat.

After this week's success, I really am sorry I gave up the track completely when I first saw that little plus sign on the home pregnancy test.

I somehow forgot that you don't have to go FAST just to go to the track (even though I've given that same advice to many MANY other runners over the years...).

The track has benefits that I wish I remembered sooner:
  • The soft surface is easier on my joints.
  • I can run 200 meters and then walk a lap without feeling like a wuss.
  • No matter how slow I go, I don't have to worry about being left in the dust by my running buddies - they're never more than a few hundred yards away!
  • Restrooms are always within sight!
It is also thoroughly amusing to see my pace times. In January and February I was running laps in the 6-7 minute pace range.

Last night?

Wait for it...

10 minute mile pace for 200 meter repeats!

I'm not upset about the slow-down. Just amused.

It's been fascinating to track my physiological changes as baby grows.

I've put on twenty pounds of baby weight so far. My ligaments are looser. My calves cramp at horribly inconvenient times. (Hello painful 3am wakeup calls!) If I stand straight, I can't see my toes. And while walking is comfortable, standing still for long periods of time makes my feet ache.

So... I can't possibly expect to still be hitting pace targets.

And I'm not trying to.

It's just nice to be out there run/waddling with the running community and getting in a decent workout.

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