Friday, August 30

Am I still a runner?

Last Sunday, I went for a 5 mile walk along the Mount Vernon bike path. The weather was gorgeous, but when Hubby and I pulled into the parking lot and I saw runner after runner glide by, I was suddenly hit by a wave of sadness.

I haven't run in weeks. I won't be able to run until Christmas.

The reason, of course, is an excellent one.
I'm training for a baby, not a race.

But still.
I miss running.

Some days I wonder if I can even still call myself a runner?

But sulking wouldn't solve anything, and walking is better than not moving forward at all. So I started walking.

And then, halfway through my walk, two women ran up to me and asked if I could take their picture. One handed over her phone while the other explained that they had just finished their first 10-miler.

High fives all around!

I asked what race they were training for. They told me they were going to run the Divas Half Marathon. I congratulated them both and wished them good luck on their race.

Just before they turned away to finish their cool-down, one of the women said: "And congratulations to you, too! Good for you for still run... er... walking."

"Thank you. I ran until 26 weeks, but my hips just can't take it anymore. I miss it!"
(What I didn't say was "And thank you for noticing that I am/was/am a runner, too! Even though I'm waddling... and I don't feel much like a runner these days...")

She congratulated me on getting that far.

And, for the first time in weeks...

I felt like a runner.
Even as I waddled.
I felt like a runner.

So. To the ladies who just finished their first 10-miler.
Congrats. Again.

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