Sunday, March 8

Fit(ter) in 15: Week 10

March is speedwork month!

I need one speed workout (track, intervals, fartlek, or hill repeats) each week. And... not incidentally, I should keep up with the strength training I started over the last two months.

How did I do this week?

  • Monday:
    • 6 x 400s! (And that's the day after running 8.5 miles. Boom!)
  • Tuesday: 

  • Wednesday:

  • Thursday: Does shoveling count as a workout?
    • snow day
  • Friday:
    • snow day
  • Saturday:
    • 5 mile run trying to avoid patches of icy sidewalk where the snow melt refroze overnight
  • Sunday: The weather is finally nice again!
    • long walk
    • another long walk
    • and another long walk
How did I do for the week?
Despite the snow and ice, I managed to get my speed work in!

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