Saturday, December 3

Streak week 2

I finished week 2 of the Runner's World holiday running streak! As I mentioned in last week's wrap up, this is BY FAR the longest streak of daily running that I have ever done. (I've been a rest day girl since I first laced up a pair of sneakers.)

My prior record was four consecutive days of running. Now I'm up to FOURTEEN!
Hello streaking!

  1. Sunday - 6 miles in the pouring rain
  2. Monday - 1.5 miles in my new shoes
  3. Tuesday - 3.9 miles
  4. Wednesday - 1.6 miles on my lunch break
  5. Thursday - 3.7 miles
  6. Friday - hill sprints! (2+ miles of running, not counting my recovery between sprints)
  7. Saturday - 2.5 miles
This adds up to a bit over 21 miles for the week - better than last week, but I still have a ways to go to get ready for a spring marathon. Tomorrow I return to double-digit miles for my weekend long runs.

Fourteen days down, twenty-two left to go!
(I know it's only been two weeks, but I'm seriously starting to think I can keep this up to join the US Running Streak Association in 2012... Then again, maybe I should see how I feel on December 25th?)

What are your holiday running goals?

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  1. Great continued streaking...seeing so many people doing this...thinking I may need to try sometime!


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